Aaron composed the score and sound design for the 2015 work 'Unsustainable Behaviour' by Lingua Franca.

Using the performing body pushed to extremes as a symbol for how humanity is exceeding the limits of a sustainable civilisation, unsustainable behaviour is high energy, 60-minute burst of breakdance, physical theatre and contemporary dance that forces us to ask if we are ‘progressing’ ourselves into obliteration?A quirky, high impact look into our possibly disastrous future, Lingua Franca’s style of blending exceptional physicality with text and voice makes unsustainable behaviour a potent contemporary provocation. Premiere: Bathurst Memorial Enterainment Centre, November 2015.


Creative Team
Director - Adam Deusien
Assistant Director/Performer - Alison Plevey
Performers - Joseph Simons, Polly Sara, Jordan Wong
Lighting Design/Operator - Becky Russell
Set and Costume Design - Anne Marie Dalziel
Sound Design - Aaron Hopper
Local Stages Producer - Kylie Shead
Intern/Set construction -  Sasha Slip
Mentor - Kate Champion


Aaron composed the score and sound design for the 2012 work 'synthesis' by Lingua Franca.


Developed and performed in collaboration with nine young performers of Bathurst exploring our human impulse to decide and act, what influences such an impulse? May 2012 Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre. Synthesis, was a process which began with workshops allowing the young performers to investigate with Alison and Adam the synthesis of form, dance and theatre. From this they began to experiment with movement and text and explore collaboratively ideas of expressing the collision of the past, present and the future. Synthesis was performed Catapult Festival (excerpt) in March 2012, with the premiere season 4th and 5th May at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre.


Directors: Alison Plevey and Adam Deusien
Composer: Aaron Hopper
Lighting Designer: Becky Russell
Local Stages Producer: Kylie Shead
Performed by: Madison Wong, Kieran Gale, Chad McLachlan, Sarah Davey, Jess Horwell, Rebekah Kordas, Julie McLean, Lauren Gemmell